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What is an inverter?

It is also called an inverter, power converter, or inverter that can be defined as an element that converts electrical current.

Inverters are power electronics devices used to obtain a constant or variable amplitude and frequency AC voltage by changing the voltage received from any DC source.


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What are the advantages of inverters?

Basically, all devices that can switch between direct current and alternating current, adjust the frequency and voltage level can be called inverters. Using inverters, it is possible to convert 12V, 24V or 48V direct current to 220V AC. Generally, the inverter feature can adjust the speed (frequency setting) between 0.5 and 2000 Hz.

The inverter first directs the voltage of the bases, regulates the decrease and increase of currents, regulates problematic electrical fluctuations and transmits them to the coil and capacitor. These effects reduce engine mechanical errors; minimizes the maintenance and repair costs of these parts and prolongs their life.


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What is an inverter used for?

Inverter usage purpose; It is to help the system to work more efficiently and effectively in case of interruptions, fluctuations, imbalances, harmonic oscillations, etc. in the system.

Reduces breakdowns of motor and mechanical parts affected by the network by regulating voltage fluctuations and peaks through the filter circuit; minimizes the maintenance and repair costs of these parts and prolongs their life. In addition, the converter allows you to save by reducing reactive energy.

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